about me

hello again!

I'm Gurdeep! I'm currently in my third year at UC San Diego studying Cognitive Science with Design and Interaction alongside a marketing minor.

I love collaborating on design problems and finding solutions with others. Through listening and learning, I've discovered the power of designing for impact. I aim to create thoughtful, engaging digital experiences that combine my passion for art and technology.

From a young age, I was fascinated by the arts and loved creating. This passion led me to explore the intersection of technology and the creative arts, where I found my calling in designing experiences that build communities and solve problems.

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an image of me during a hike!

What am I up to?

Currently, I work at the UCSD Library as an Assistant Digital Archivist alongside doing some personal projects with friends!  

If I'm not busy, you'll probably find me playing video games, watching movies/tv, or picking up a new hobby!

Current favorites...
Video Game: Hearthstone
Movie: Dune 2
TV Show: Fallout :D
Hobby: Hiking ⛰️

UX/UI Design
UX Research
Data Analysis